Total Speaker Workshop

How to craft and deliver your story with power, feeling, and conviction.

Dwight is now passing his speaking skills on in a powerful 90 day coaching experience,  In this workshop Dwight introduces the three phases of story telling which he calls the "story flow". Phase one is the "genesis" the beginning, which grabs the listeners attention and sets in motion the theme and direction of the story. Phase two is the "journey" which takes us from one theme to the other and builds the story to its apex and keeps it interesting and engaging to the listeners. Phase three is called "resolution" which bring the story in for a smooth landing and brings home the lesson or the moral of the story. It takes us to the place where we can say, "and they all lived happily ever after" the end.

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In this intensive coaching program, Dwight share’s and teaches what he has learned while sharing his "signature" story for nearly 20 years. For more information on this workshop please click here to contact us to learn more about registering for this exciting new workshop.

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