World Famous Author, Speaker Brian Tracy Shares About Dwight

Dwight has proven what Willie Jolley would say “A setback is a setup for a comeback.”  Dwight’s a master storyteller, who delivers his message with passion, power and purpose. I am proud to have shared the stage with him on many occasions. It’s amazing to watch the audience when he takes them on his journey from the depths and trials of addiction on to victory. I’m also very proud to be his mentor and friend.
–Les Brown,
World renowned professional speaker, author, trainer, radio and television personality

Dwight your presentation was one off the most powerful I have ever seen and I’ve seen some of the best speakers in the world!  Your story was mesmerizing, I felt like I was right there with you through the entire journey….amazing! Dwight you really inspired, uplifted and touched me – I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great speaker. –David R. Boufford, Aka; “Mr. Positive!”

I had the pleasure of hiring Dwight to speak to about 600 agents in our firm for a recent meeting. Dwight tells his story of his personal life and how he has had many highs and how mistakes he made have taken him to the very lowest points in his life. His message is very inspirational and moving and his lessons learned about life will be remembered by all who hear his story.
–Richard D. Cosner, President, Prudential California Realty, Yorba Linda, CA

Dwight, not a single person of the more than 100 managers attending this meeting remained unmoved and untouched by your poignant message.  Your powerful delivery and your conveyance of truth and vulnerability stirred every soul to recognize and take example from the great man in you and the potential for greatness in each one of us!
–Koula Fuller. Postmaster, Beverly Hills, CA

You obviously have a high degree of expertise in the area of human development.  I have attended many seminars and your presentation ranks among the very best.  I give you my highest recommendation and I look forward to working with you in the future.
–Kenneth R. Shelton, Sr., Executive Director, Community Action Partnership, Muskegon, MI

Your ability to literally “silence” a cafeteria full of college students was impressive.
–Dr. Deborah M. Hall, Instructor/Coordinator, Student Activities,
Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA

Dwight far exceeded my expectations.  He proved to be motivational, uplifting, and humorous.  He delivered a powerful message.  Dwight spoke about not giving up, he spoke about integrity and he talked about having the courage to start over.
–Shelly Lindekugel, Sales Manager, Prudential California Realty, Moreno Valley, CA

The fact that you are in Real Estate and have gone through the market fluctuations was both, realistic and encouraging to the agents.  You opened yourself to us and spoke with sincerity, from the heart.  You conveyed your message with s sense of humor and with deep emotion.  I know you touched people’s lives in more ways than can be expressed.  It takes someone who has “Real Character” to be able to speak convincingly about it.
–Mariana Adan, Manager, Terra Nova, McMillin Realty

During Dwight’s talk, the room was totally silent (this is unusual for this group) as they were all watching Dwight and giving him 100% of their attention.  As we looked around, we saw some agents with their mouths wide open, others were shaking their heads in agreement and others nodded expressing that they had shared similar experiences.  He spoke to and touched everyone!  He shared valuable information that will help us continue to work hard and conquer adversity.
–Jill Ross & Anna Pisani, Branch Managers, Prudential California Realty, Corona, CA

Dwight’s story telling abilities transcends traditional teachings of communication.  He has a special ability of painting vivid images in the minds of listeners, which transforms their current patterns of thinking.
–Chris Gloss, Author, Coach, Speaker

Dwight’s message reaches a diverse mix of the population.  It has the ability to touch those at the top as well as those at the very bottom.  He brings a message of hope and deliverance.
–Cheryl Skolnick, Prudential California Realty, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

He has a unique way of communicating with youth from upper elementary through high school, as well as reaching the adults.  The students have always been excited to hear him.  His message was powerful.  Many of our students were enthralled by his honest approach to them.  They related to what he was saying.  Dwight is a gifted speaker.  His experiences and insight to life have touched so many.  His message was very inspirational.
–Ann Kube, Principal, Moreno Valley Christian Schools, Moreno Valley, CA

You were powerful in your presentation; your story is very touching.  God’s light showed through you. You have inspired me also to use my gift.
–Lucretia Ramsey, Broker Associate, ReMax Northeast

I came across your book The Big Lie while moving around some stuff in my home office.  I wondered what you were up to now, so decided to check out the Internet.  I see that you are doing very well for yourself.  It brings me sincere happiness to see someone achieve success, considering the many situations upon which we met on the streets of East Oakland.  I write this email to say it brings me a warm feeling to know you have succeeded in life and did not end up as a statistic on the streets of Oakland.  Good luck to you, keep up the good work.
–Jack Lundquist, Oakland Police (Retired) via email
(This email came from a Police Officer who had arrested Dwight on a few occasions in Oakland, CA)

Even if you have never even touched drugs you will find meaning in this story because it is one of triumph.  I consider him a rare talent and recommend that you read his book.  It WILL change your life
–Pam Lawhore, CEO, Motivation-In-Motion, Inc.

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