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The Rock & The Rose

Over the many years of sharing his story, Dwight now has the ability to deliver it with power, feeling and conviction in a wide range of viewpoints. Because his experience with addiction touched literally every area of his life – spiritual, relational, financial and vocational – Dwight is able to relate his story to audiences from each of those vantage points.

When speaking in a spiritual setting Dwight shares his story with emphasis on how it impacted his life as it relates to spiritual matters. At other times he talks about how his addiction devastated his relationship with his wife, children, family and friends.

When speaking on the subject of entrepreneurship/economic empowerment Dwight illustrates how devastating an addiction can be on one's financial future.

Finally he is able to talk from experience about the problems that can result when career goals are cut short, due to the time demands placed on nurturing and feeding various addictions.

As Dwight shares his story he raises your awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol use by explaining the pathway that leads to an addictive lifestyle, no matter what the drug of choice is.

Over the years Dwight has spoken to every conceivable age group, youth, teens, young adults, and mature adults. Dwight has developed many product resources that cover the many aspects of his story, and they can be found on his "store page."

"Dwight has proven what Willie Jolley would say 'A setback is a setup for a comeback.' Dwight's a master storyteller, who delivers his message with passion, power and purpose. I am proud to have shared the stage with him on many occasions. It's amazing to watch the audience when he takes them on his journey from the depths and trials of addiction on to victory. I'm proud to be his mentor and friend." –Les Brown, World renowned professional speaker, author, trainer, radio and television personality

Real Estate – "Selling Real Estate Is a R.E.A.L. J.O.B."

Dwight calls on his 22 years experience in real estate to speak directly to your real estate sales professionals on how to take their career and business to the next level. "The fact that you are in Real Estate and have gone through the market fluctuations was both, realistic and encouraging to the agents. You conveyed your message with s sense of humor and with deep emotion. I know you touched people’s lives in more ways than can be expressed." –Mariana Adan, Manager, Terra Nova McMillin Realty

Diversity – "Different is not better than…it's just different"

Dwight will craft a custom presentation for your organization, that is consistent with your equal employment policy and/or your affirmative action plan. In the context of racial, cultural, and gender differences, different is not better than; it’s just different. While serving in the U.S. Navy, Dwight received training at the Department of Defense Race Relations Institute. He was given the special designation of Equal Opportunity Program Specialist and tasked with the implementation of the Navy's Race Relations Program. Dwight also received training at the Human Resources Management School in San Diego, CA.

"Dwight, not a single person of the more than 100 managers attending this meeting remained unmoved and untouched by your poignant message. Your powerful delivery and your conveyance of truth and vulnerability stirred every soul to recognize and take example from the great man in you and the potential for greatness in each one of us!" –Koula Fuller, Postmaster, Beverly Hills, CA

S.C.R.A.T.C.H. formula for jumpstarting your life and/or business.

7 key steps to building or rebuilding a foundation for taking your life or business to the next level through a series of proven principles for change and growth.

The R.E.A.L. J.O.B. Success formula.

Dwight's most popular motivational piece that will ignite or rekindle passion and purpose. in your people and in yourself.

Youth, Teen and Young Adult Topics "Is Alcohol—A Gateway Drug?"

Dwight who is an ex-alcoholic and drug addict with 22 years clean and sober answers the question of whether "social drinking" can lead to alcoholism and drug addiction. "The Truth About The Big Lie" From his popular book of the same name, Dwight details a series of lies that a person believes on the pathway to addiction and hopelessness. This is a strong anti-drug and alcohol message. "The Power of Choice" Dwight drives home the point of how seemingly insignificant decisions can have far reaching consequences in life. Dwight also shares valuable tips on how to make good choices.

Additional Topics Include: "What to do when life, raises the bar." "How to forgive others, even when it still hurts." "How to bring out the best in yourself and others." Customized Programs Available:

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