For over 20 years Dwight Pledger has been about the business of developing, fine-tuning and perfecting his message of hope and restoration to thousands.  Dwight’s message is not built on the platitudes of other men and women, but is born out of a personal journey through a life that has seen him rise to the pinnacle of business success only to fall victim to a destructive habit and waste it “all” away. 

Hooked and homeless in 1986, Dwight found himself flat on his back, a broken, wounded and hurting man, looking up and calling on a power greater than himself, and because he looked up he was able to get up.

Dwight now takes the lessons he learned in weakness and has transformed them into power points and principles for victorious living and massive success.  He continues to inspire and motivate audiences in a multiplicity of venues, from corporate events to school assemblies, and from community organizations to business forums across the country. 

Dwight became a member of Toastmasters International in 1992 subsequently advancing to Accomplished Toastmaster and has competed in the International Speech Contest competition in 2001 and 2006, both years he advanced to the Semi-Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking representing District 12 in the Region II speech competition.

Dwight is an author, trainer, radio host, consultant and speaking coach.  He has the unique ability to develop a tailor made presentation for your special event or program.  Dwight also has developed a dynamic coaching program entitled, How to Craft and Deliver your Story with Power, Feeling and Conviction.  The program takes the trainees through a 90 day step by step process resulting in a powerful story that will make impact and add tremendous value to those who hear it.


As an 8 year veteran of the U.S. Navy, Dwight received training in the Navy’s Human Goals Program, undergoing 11 weeks of intensive training at the Department of Defense Race Relations Institute.  Dwight carried the special designation of Equal Opportunity Program Specialist, which was task with implementation of the Navy’s Race Relations Program.  Dwight also received instruction at the Human Resources Management School, San Diego, California. 

As an E.O.P.S. and member of the Navy’s implementation team Dwight conducted workshops designed to enhance cultural sensitivity among naval personnel.  One such workshop was titled, Cultural Expression in the Navy, whereby attendees were able to gain knowledge and insight about other cultures and were able learns that different is not better or worse that it’s just different.  The second workshop entitled, Actions to Counter Racism, focused on middle and upper management personnel.  This workshop dealt with prevailing attitudes about racial diversity, and attendees were educated on the Navy’s policy concerning equal opportunity and encouraged to lead as per that policy.


Dwight has over 22 years experience as a licensed Real Estate professional.  Dwight received his first Real Estate license in 1975, and has the distinction of having sold Real Estate at some time during the past 4 decades, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and in the 21st century.  Needless to say Dwight has a wealth of knowledge in all areas the Real Estate sales business. 

Dwight once co-owned, managed and brokered All Pro Champion Realty in San Diego, CA.  Dwight has taken his 22 plus years of experience and developed a powerful motivational and instructional series title; Selling Real Estate is a R.E.A.L. J.O.B.  Dwight has delivered this 7 Point Success formula to small groups; office meetings and sales rally’s for the past 3 years.


In the area of social contribution, Dwight serves as President and Co-founder of Ray of Hope Ministries a recovery and restoration organization that supports men and women coming out of various addictions and destructive lifestyles. Ray of Hope also provides support to organizations in setting up and dealing with the issue of addiction problems in the workplace.  Dwight has a powerful presentation designed to reach youth, teens, and young adults who are experimenting with alcohol and drugs. 

In his talk titled, “IS ALCOHOL—A GATEWAY DRUG”,  Dwight exposes the deception that alcohol is just a harmless social beverage, the truth is countless thousands of our youth who are now alcoholic’s and drug addicted teens and young adults started out with just “one” beer or glass of wine. Since becoming clean and sober over 22 years ago Dwight has worked with thousands of men, women and their families who are struggling with various addictions or have loved ones who are addicted. 

For 18 months Dwight was the director of a women with children recovery home.  Dwight now serves on a weekly basis at MFI, Inc. a recovery home for women seeking reunification with their children who have been taken from them by Child Protective Services.  Dwight along with another Toastmaster conducts weekly meetings at the center, helping the women with improving their communication, listening and leadership skills.  Dwight continues to speak in prisons, recovery programs, half way houses, and wherever he is invited to give struggling addicts and those who love them hope and encouragement.


In 2003 Dwight officially became a member the Les Brown Speaker’s Network.  As a protégée of Les Brown, Dwight has received personal mentoring, and has traveled extensively nationally and internationally sharing the platform with Les. Dwight continues to work with Les Brown and is a part of his Platinum Speaker Program, which allows Dwight to receive ongoing coaching and training in the area of professional speaker development. Dwight presently resides in Southern California with his wife of over 35 years, Sadie.  Dwight is the father of three children, and four grandchildren.

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