Dwight Pledger

A Speaker for All Seasons…A Miracle with A Message…
A Man On A Mission…A Ray of Hope to the Masses.

For nearly 20 years Dwight Pledger has been about the business of developing, fine tuning and perfecting his message of hope and restoration to thousands.

Dwight's message is not built on the platitudes of other men and women, but is born out of a personal journey through a life that has seen him rise to the pinnacle of business success only to fall victim to the enemy within and waste it "all" away.

Hooked and homeless in 1986, Dwight found himself lying flat on his back a broken, wounded and hurting man, looking up and calling on a power greater than himself, and because he looked up he was able to get up.

Speaker, Teacher and Trainer

Dwight now takes the lessons he learned in weakness and has transformed them into power points and principles for victorious living and massive success.

He continues to inspire and motivate audiences in a multiplicity of venues from elementary schools, college campuses, churches, community outreach programs and in corporate America.  Dwight will customize his story and develop a tailor made presentation for your special event or program.


Since deciding to share his story of hope with the world. Dwight has spoken to thousands of people from all walks of life his clients include; Corporations, Schools, Community Organizations, Churches, Institutions and Government Organizations like the US Post Office, the I.R.S. and the Navy.

Dwight can tailor his delivery and message to any age group and he's spoken to school aged children as young as ten to adolescents and adults.

His Keynote "The Rock and The Rose" is a powerful message of forgiveness, hope, love and healing that everyone can connect with on some level.

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